Thursday, 31 July 2014

..and we're home!

We have made it back to Bingham ready for our third school year here in Ethiopia. We have been travelling around the U.K. for about six weeks, and after living out of suitcases and sleeping in 8-10 beds each we were fairly ready to return! We are missing hot showers already though as we haven't had any hot water since returning :-(

We have enjoyed spending time with our families and friends and are so grateful to everyone who made us feel so welcome. We can only be here to begin this next school year with the support, prayers and friendships we have in the U.K. and spending time catching up with many people who help us in so many ways was very special.

So what do the days ahead look like? Tommy is back at work getting ready for orientation. We will be taking care of a new family who fly in tomorrow morning, making sure they learn how to bleach vegetables, shop in this crazy city and the like! We have the chance to get to know some of the other new staff next week by helping out with their kids or having them for lunch. Then next Wednesday the teacher orientation begins. A week and a half of orientation and then school starts, it seems crazy really that we are that close!

Oh and I'll try and start blogging again...