Financial Support

As volunteers with SIM we need to raise own own financial support to fund our service overseas. We would like you to consider whether you can join our team of financial supporters. Without the financial support of our friends from all over the world we would not be able to serve God in Ethiopia.

The following budget represents a forecast of what we will need to raise each month for the first 2 years:

Monthly Budget (2012-2014)
Daily Living Costs £951
Pensions + Insurance (Medical and NI) £525
Travel (Local and Flights) £250
Support Costs £166
Course Fees (MSc) £125

You can set up a standing order with your bank for monthly, quarterly or annual giving. Just download the forms from the SIM website, fill them in and send to

IP14 5ZW

If you would prefer to set up the standing order online or at a branch lease phone SIM first on 01449 766464 for your unique giving reference number.

One-off Gift

You can send a cheque to the above address with an attached note saying that it is for the support of the Farrell family.

Alternatively you can donate online with a credit or debit card by visiting (debit card preferred - SIM pay a 2.6% charge for processing credit card donations)

Don't Forget Gift Aid!

If you are a UK taxpayer you can increase the value of your donation by 25%, at no cost to you by filling in a Gift Aid declaration and sending it to SIM at the address above.

Giving from outside the UK

If you are outside the UK and would like to join our support team you can give through your local SIM office or SIM partner. We have listed the offices below for international supporters that we already know about. If you would like a link to the SIM office or partner in your country just contact us or SIM-UK.

Givers in the USA can give through SIM-USA. Make sure to include in your information that we are being sent from SIM UK (our SIM number is 39689)

SIM partners with DMG in Germany who will process giving for volunteers sent from the UK.