Wednesday, 9 April 2014

breaking out the 'no water' shampoo

The time has come to get out the dry shampoo. A dear friend sent this thoughtful gift to us with a little label 'for no water days'. I guess it is proof that the water hasn't been too bad lately, never being off more than a day or two since it arrived at the end of February, but the time has now come. City water has been off since Saturday :-(

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

looking for tortoises

Most days Lily and I will go for walks looking for the tortoises. 

This task is slightly easier now that Sherlock lives next door:

Monday, 7 April 2014

card board box furniture

Here in Addis the next best thing to IKEA is Treesavers furniture. A guy called Daniel makes furniture out of heavy duty card board shipping boxes, so we have been to visit him a couple of times. In fact we already had some of his creations from friends who have left or had finished with some things and have painted them to smarten them up a little (plus they were all rainbow coloured and I really, really hate yellow). Painting them was pretty easy and white paint easy to get hold of, so that worked well for Lil's room.

The table, chair and toy storage are all cardboard, as is the toy kitchen that is in the cupboard :-)

The boys want their old second hand one painted red though and I have not been able to find red paint anywhere in Addis so that hasn't happened yet! But we just collected this lego storage tray for under the boys bed and this play tray for their football games :-)

It is pretty easy to find Daniel's home, once you know where you are going!! It is a couple of rooms deep, almost entirely full of storage boxes, shelf units, book cases, dolls houses and any other storage solution you can possibly imagine - as long as you can imagine it made out of cardboard boxes covered with coloured paper. Most of it is multi-coloured and very bright and cheerful. He sells at the NGO craft bazaar that happens each month, but also will make things to order which has been pretty handy for us! 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Grade 1 Arts Fair

Joshua has been excited for weeks about his Arts Fair, where we got to visit the Grade 1 class as they have some of their artwork displayed in the chapel. 

They had each written books about sea-turtles and made crafts which were to remind us of something about God. What you can't see very well on the table is some clay hands and a tennis ball painted like the world to remind us that God holds everything in his hands. All the children had come up with different ideas which were very creative.