Wednesday, 9 April 2014

breaking out the 'no water' shampoo

The time has come to get out the dry shampoo. A dear friend sent this thoughtful gift to us with a little label 'for no water days'. I guess it is proof that the water hasn't been too bad lately, never being off more than a day or two since it arrived at the end of February, but the time has now come. City water has been off since Saturday :-(

 Oh and we have run out of clean bibs now, haha. What great timing for learning to use a spoon to self feed yoghurt, which apparently includes sticking your whole hand inside the pot! Oh well never mind at least she didn't use the yonghurt as shampoo today! I'm trying to be more chilled out about such things, which will probably last until we run out of clean clothes. Lily might have to start eating naked if we come anywhere close to running out of clothes ;-)

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