Monday, 17 November 2008

CRB Check

As part of the application process for my new job with Mercy Ships I need a background check with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). I got the forms over a month ago and sent them back to Mercy Ships UK to process the application. Unfortunately, they were in the process of changing providers of the preliminary CRB check process and so my form hasn't been sent off to the CRB. To compound matters, the form I had completed was addressed to the former provider rather than the new one so I need to fill in a new form! It usually takes 4 weeks or so to get a CRB check back.

The problem is I can't get my visa stuff from Mercy Ships in Texas until they get a copy of my CRB check.

Please pray that the forms are processed quickly and we aren't delayed in receiving our visas.



natalie said...

what is the status???

Unknown said...

Still waiting. They usually take about 4 weeks so expecting it around about 21st December if MSUK sent it on straight away.