Monday, 8 November 2010

yes we saw jelly fish!

Sorry this is another blog about what the kids have been up to, the shipyard work is continuing as is teaching and cooking. On Friday the elementary school visited Ushaka Marine World. Josh was wanting to see the jellyfish, Tom the sharks and Sarah the clown fish! There was an outside dolphin show and a few sad looking penguins and lots of fish in the aquarium. Here are some pics from the day:
 Here are the grade ones and the seals (Megan, Libby, Daniel, Tom, Anna, Andre)
 We were watching the sharks, and then this enormous fish swam by!
 The octopus moved out just for us
 We have seen turtles in the ocean, but none this close!
 This is a bunch of fish! We didn't notice the brown one until someone pointed it out, it looks so much like a rock!
 Here they are - our elementary school!

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Anonymous said...

hey tom, i couldn't quite decide from your face if you were liking it or not? love nanny x