Thursday, 3 February 2011

getting sorted

We are almost unpacked and just have a bit more cleaning to do in our cabin. Things are gradually getting back to normal in the academy, for Tommy it has been busy making sure all the IT things are back as they need to be. That said this morning there had been a flood in the school library so we helped the high school team sort through the books and dry the wet ones just for an extra challenge. The air conditioning has been on throughout the ship for a day or two, and although off again right now, we know that it works and brought our cabin temperature down by over 5 degrees to close to 25 degrees which is much more comfortable. The boys have settled in just fine, and not yet mentioned missing anything from Appelsbosch. We have tried out the new pool on deck 8 before it is drained for the sail and that was pretty fun and will be a blessing once we are in the heat of Sierra Leone. It was warmer than the showers as the pool is out in the sunshine and we still don't have any hot water in the cabins. We started our 'at sea' drills, lifejackets and all, which is always encouraging as you know that the date to set sail must be getting closer. They are still doing whatever it is to get the generators working and talking to each other so pray for these last days for things to go smoothly for the technical crew that we would be ready to sail soon.

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