Saturday, 9 April 2011

water everywhere, but not in the fresh water tanks

Yes we live floating in the ocean. Yes we have a lovely view of plenty of water everywhere, but we are having some trouble on board having enough fresh water. Please pray that we would resolve this, that we would be able to load more water soon and more importantly find out why our water useage has been so high - particularly if there are any leaks or problems in the system that are affecting this. We haven't been able to do laundry since Thursday (which was when we were due to do ours) and now we are not able to use the showers either. We still have some water at the moment for drinking and hand washing but even when water is loaded it takes a couple of days for it to be treated so it is safe to use so it will take some time before things are back to normal (and normal for us is still restricted laundry slots and strict 2 minute showers, not really normal in most peoples definitions). Think of us all getting stinky and enjoy your shower tonight :-)

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