Friday, 8 July 2011

Summer programme

For a few weeks out of the summer holidays the boys are entertained by the summer programme. Our friends from two years ago, the Zupke family, are leading the team and have all sorts of fun happening. Each week they have a day out somewhere, the first week they went to the beach and then last week the chimp sanctuary and a waterfall. They do a ton of crafts, scavenger hunts, pool trips and all sorts. The older children (well all except the pre-school kids) are also spending time each week at the HOPE centre (as mentioned in our previous post) and also on the wards here on the ship. I would love to be a fly on the wall watching them interact with our patients. Tom says they have been doing crafts with them and I found a few pictures of them (taken by the ship photographer as crew are not allowed to take pictures in the wards) in action:
 So many families have left or are away this is all the kids in summer programme this year, ranging from Josh (in his stripey Ghana top) and his pre-school friends up to the junior high school
 Tom helping with craft work on the ward
 This is the other Josh in the school playing Jenga with patients
 Josie and Jessica building bricks
Shaun and his friend showing the finished craft work

the Zupke family posted some different pictures:

You can also check out their other blog posts as the summer programme progresses to see what our boys are up to:

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