Friday, 30 September 2011

80's day

 Today was 80's dress up day in the Academy. Our boys didn't really understand what this meant and were horrified at the suggestion of wearing luminous colours and me making them bright pink (the only fabric I had) sweat bands. Josh really wanted to dress up as someone from Star Wars so that he could take his lightsaber, but given our lack of those kind of outfits he decided on being a knight. So he is from the 1080's or something like that, while the rest of the class are from the 1980's. The important thing is that this is fun for them right? :-)
Tom has successfully worn football kits for a multitude of dress up days - international day, what I want to be when I grow up day, twin day...and so surprise, surprise decided that he would be player number 80 and go as a footballer. He has varied it though, having worn England and Benin kits before, this one is the Arsenal knock off we bought on the streets here :-)
In case you don't recognize him this is in fact George Michael and his teenage fans. There is even a little silver cross ear-ring which is making it very hard for me to take him seriously when all I can see is that wiggling about.

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