Tuesday, 14 February 2012

lego and other things

I was thinking there must be a million things to blog about the boys - so much has happened since we got back. The boys are settled in school, Tom has started football training and been in a school play. That was quite strange for us - there are 3 classes of 30 children just in his year group! That really made us miss the ship too - the kids mixing with children of different ages, Academy productions, that you knew your kids' teachers...anyway...that wasn't really the point of this. Josh has settled into school too - his a much smaller school and I admit the one I much prefer going to. He has started swimming lessons and I am not sure made much progress yet, but loves his opportunities to be a little fish. Tom has been given a bike so we went for our first family cycle to the park today. There is still a bit of snow on the ground, but much of it has gone now. Josh needs to practice more with his bike as his school are running a session to help them ride without the stabilisers/training wheels soon. We are getting used to him on the tag-along with us though and haven't 'almost fallen off' lately!

We are incredibly blessed to have a nice place to live for these few months. The house has a music room - which the boys have re-named the play-room and which I think we should really call the LEGO room. I'm not sure what Pam and Peter would think of that, but it is amazing to have the extra space - although it does mean the boys are getting used to not having to tidy up everything every night!
looking back over our photos since we got back it seems that they have managed to involve quite a few other people in the Lego...here are some random pics....and thanks to everyone whether pictured here or not who has built Lego with them. Anyone who wants to come and build with them welcome...
 Christmas with the Slennetts...brothers building Lego
 Christmas in Liverpool - building Lego with Uncle Paul
 All dressed up to play Lego
 Grandma had a go when she came to visit
And if there is no one else - there is always Daddy! Or Mummy I might add, but despite doing 95% of the Lego building they seem to still think Daddy is better at it. Hmm.

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