Monday, 7 May 2012

Updating the blog and other activities...

Its been a while since we said much about what we are up to and what we are doing to get ready to move to Ethiopia in the Summer on the blog, so here is a bit of an update. If you are wondering what we will be doing in Ethiopia there is a new Ethiopia tab at the top of the blog that you can check out. We feel like we are constantly talking about Ethiopia, but realise some people still might not have heard much about our plans. We are always happy to tell people more, so if you want to know anything in particular just get in touch!

You might have noticed a new Prayer box on the right side of the blog. You can now get regular prayer updates through Twitter by following @Pray4Farrells. For now they will be weekly, but once in Addis we are planning on sending out a short daily prayer point straight to your Twitter account.

A short summary of the last few months is that re-entering a country and preparing to leave again is very busy! Some of the being busy has been lots of fun - spending time with people we love and miss when we are in Africa, cuddling baby Toby - our best friends new baby, trying to remember how to cook(!!) and take advantage of the choice of ingredients available (and trying to convince Josh to eat some of it), spending lots of time playing in outside spaces, swimming lessons and football training.

Some of the being busy has not been so much fun - juggling the paperwork and interviews and appointments with school runs, writing a research proposal and 'real' work. We've been through the application process with SIM, our new mission agency and also with Eden, our church in Cambridge and we are incredibly grateful to have the support of both behind us as we prepare to leave again. We're renewing passports, preparing the documents for our work permits, have the bruises from the blood tests to prove we don't have any nasties and three appointments each for travel vaccinations all booked in. It does feel like we just did all this kind of preparation, but it was actually 4 years ago that we did all this before going to the ship - how time flies!

We've updated the blog so you can read more about what we will be doing and how you can partner with us. You can sign up to receive our monthly prayer email or twitter feed via the Prayer tab. We have new prayer cards and leaflets about what we will be doing and how you can stay in touch, so let us know if you want one (although we'll have them with us everywhere we go shortly so you might end up with one anyway!!)

Our budget is largely set by people working in the field who have an idea of the basic living costs we are likely to encounter and a summary can be found in the Financial support tab. We will be ready to leave in July, but can only book our flights and be actually going once we have 100% of the support we need. We trust God that he will provide what we need, but are looking for people he can use who want to partner with us in this exciting next step!

If you want to know any more please let us know.

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