Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Getting SIM cards

It is slow getting things set up here, but yesterday's accomplishment was that we managed to get SIM cards for our phones. SIM cards are regulated much more than in the UK, so we had to provide copies of our passports and get passport photos taken before we could get one. We managed it with a short stop at Kaldi's (the Ethiopian equivalent of Starbucks) while we waited for the photos to be printed :-)

The photos cost 28birr for 6 - we will buy a Kaldi's coffee for the first person who leaves a comment with the correct equivalent price in pounds (or dollars for our US readers).


Anonymous said...

about 108 dollars? or 69 pounds?

Unknown said...

Nice try, Lara, but that's not it. Try again - the coffee is really good!

Unknown said...

Well 28 is exactly 1 pound! (well to 2 dec places)

So i guess about 17p each :)

Clever brother!

Unknown said...

Clever Google, you mean ;-). There will be a Kaldi's coffee waiting for you when you come to visit - I'll even buy one for your American friend in return for the popcorn.