Saturday, 15 June 2013

BA Class of 2013

One of the great privileges of working as part of an International community is the opportunity to do things differently than we would back in the UK. One of the major differences between schools in the UK and International schools is the significance of graduation. When students complete their Grade 12 year they have a graduation ceremony. It is a chance to honour the graduates for the hard work they have put in over 12 years of school. It is also an opportunity to challenge them one last time to be God-glorifying world changers. I had the unique privilege of taking part in the various graduation events as both their Grade 12 homeroom teacher, and the Secondary Principal.

It has been an incredible privilege to work with this very talented group of students. I look forward to seeing how God will use them in the coming years and decades.

Another great tradition we don't have in the UK is the production of a yearbook. Each of the Grade 12 students has half a page where they can share their memories of Bingham and describe the impact it has had on them. Here are a few of them:

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