Thursday, 27 March 2014

beaches at Bingham

 Last week before our mid-semester break Grade 1 had a beach themed week. 

They learned about sea turtles and they watched the movie Finding Nemo. They studied the Bible story of Jonah and they had a giant whale tent in their classroom which Josh was quite horrified about because it 'actually smelt like the inside of a fish, because Mrs Martin had put a tin of tuna in there' (I am in awe of the creativity, seriously we are so blessed with our boys teachers this year). 

And they had a beach party - the play area was turned into a water park with sprinklers, a slip and slide and a water slide. This was so much fun!
 A few weeks ago the bigger kids had a beach party too - and with this one a swimming pool was constructed on the field - the pool is basically a bunch of hay bales tied together and covered to make a pool! The picture is of the campus kids playing in it after the big kids had finished!!
And yes, you should be jealous of the sunshine. It is amazing.

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