Sunday, 31 January 2010

Here we go again

[Note to Blakes - see we haven't forgotten you :-) ]

The decision was made that we would sail today, we have been warned that the bigger rocking might start within the first few hours so a quick update before I fall off the chair. We started our voyage about 2pm after our drills, we waved to the trumpeter who has faithfully played as the Ship has come and gone each year, we watched the pilot jump back on his boat and off we went. All very normal now, so much that the boys weren't that bothered about it all (although that could have been related to being grumpy after waking up too early). Still it is exciting that we are on our way...
 Leaving to the sound of the trumpet - it is hard to describe the emotion of leaving

The lines being pulled in

Goodbye to our dock, and to Santa Cruz de Tenerife

PS have given up on the chair after see it go flying earlier so now writing standing up. And now going to lie down and watch the bookcase swaying to decide whether we need to lie it down yet!!

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