Sunday, 31 January 2010

off to Togo

We are getting ready for sailing again, securing our cabin and waiting for more 'at sea' drills. We have been warned the sail will be like the last but in reverse due to the weather forecast being very similar so we can expext a few rocky days ahead before the sail becomes smooth. If we are quiet for a few days then keep us in your prayers that we will be safe and healthy as we sail.

We have enjoyed our last couple of days here, yesterday we took the boys to the park for the last time and for a McDonalds ice cream. We have enjoyed being somewhere where it is easy to cross roads, where pushchairs don't get stuck in the sand, where people don't stare/shout at you and where there are playgrounds where the boys can let off steam. But the maintenance time is finished, people in Togo are waiting for the big white ship to come. We are ready to go, back to Africa, back to where we have been asked to go for this next season, serving the One we love.

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