Saturday, 7 May 2011

a day off school

Unfortunately the teachers still had to work, but the rest of us enjoyed a day at the beach with some lovely friends. It is such a contrast driving through the busy, dusty streets and then arriving at a deserted, beautiful beach. Here are some random pics from our day:
 The view of a banana islands
 completely empty :-)
 I took some pics of these grasshoppers for Tommy as he wasn't there to take them himself!
 The place to come for relaxation!
Josh covered in sand
 Photo of a random lump of wood, knowing Tommy would have tried something like this if he'd have been there!
 In case you think this is some kind of perfect holiday destination - the toilet was just a mounted seat sitting directly on the sand and there were only 'walls' on two sides. Still it was clean and I could only see one person while I was sitting and he looked pretty busy doing something else. Haha
So it was a fun day relaxing and playing with our friends (thought it best not to put pics of other peoples children in their swim wear on here, so take my word for it they were there and we had a lovely time playing together!).

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Anonymous said...

not sure which was the best bit? the fish or the toilet?!! mumxx