Tuesday, 10 May 2011

everyday life through the car window

 Anyone wanting a white t'shirt? It amazes me that anyone would choose to wear white living here, it is so dusty everywhere.
 Lots of the 'shops' are little huts like this where you can buy drinks, bread, phone top up, have a haircut or get clothes tailored.
 Most people here would do their shopping in markets like this one. There are a few supermarkets on the other side of town to where we are, but we've not ventured to them yet. My friends tell me you can buy everything in the markets that you would want, the tricky thing is finding it!
Tom enjoyed seeing poda podas (minibus taxis) and huts like these with the UK flag or Premiership football teams emblems painted on them. They seem to all like the same big teams though - Man United, Arsenal, Barcelona etc

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