Sunday, 18 November 2012

bonfires and sparklers

We were invited to share some bonfire fun by some fellow Brits which was a lot of fun. It is not the first time that we have celebrated Guy Fawkes in Africa, but still somehow it is strange to think that everyone back 'home' would have been wrapped up in their scarves and hats to go and watch fireworks and we hung out in shorts and t'shirts.

We sat outside eating soup and rolls while it got dark, then we lit the bonfire. Various people had  found fireworks and sparklers in Addis and one family had even managed to find marshmallows for us to roast, which I had been convinced didn't exist here at all. The fireworks here are all quite small and quiet, but our boys don't have much to compare with and it was fun seeing them go off.

Josh with his first sparkler :-)

Thanks to our lovely hosts. Next year we'll have to see if we can plan something at Bingham!

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