Thursday, 24 January 2013

back in Cambridge

Since the fun and chaos of Christmas with our families we have moved up to a rental house in Cottenham, near Cambridge for a few weeks. We are within a few minutes of where we used to live, many of our friends and our church which is great.

It has been snowy here, which has been fun for the boys, not so much fun for the 9 month pregnant one of us when the pavements all got icy. We seem to be pretty poor at taking pictures at the moment, but we did take some of the snow at least which we'll have to get off the camera. Our garden is fantastic for playing in, with plenty of space for snowball fights and snowmen building (and even the odd snow-dog, snow-yoda and whatever else the boys made!).

We are homeschooling the boys so that they stay roughly on track with their core classes at Bingham. We have all settled into some kind of routine with it and can really see their progress in things like maths and writing as we work with them each day. That said I think we can confirm that we would never do this long term, teaching different children of different ages, different subjects and aiming to do it well is an incredibly difficult task in our eyes and we are very happy they have great teachers at school to return them too in a few weeks!

So that's about all really, between school and catching up with people we are just waiting for Pip to arrive. (S)he doesn't seem to be taking the eviction threat very seriously. But today is the due date and the boys fly back to Ethiopia in less than a month, so really we would be happy for an arrival anytime....we'll keep you posted.

If you would like to see us while we are in Cambridge please get in touch - we don't have internet at home, but are managing to check our email fairly regularly or our mobile numbers are the same as before.

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