Thursday, 25 April 2013

Bingham Champions

Last week Bingham students competed against other schools in Addis and a few International schools from further afield in an athletics track meet. And we won! (and some of the other schools are significantly bigger, with bigger budgets and paid coaches!)

Final points below, photos etc linked from

1 Bingham Academy                    BA              690  
2 International Community School     ICS             600  
3 American International School      AISR            245  
4 Sandford International School      SFD             179  
5 St Joseph School                   STJO            144  
6 American School Mozambique         AISM            110  
7 Khartoum International School      KICS             81  
8 German School                      GER              66  
9 Andinet International School       AIS              23

Well done Bingham!

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