Monday, 8 April 2013

small rains

While the UK averaged 2.5 degrees Celcius in March, here in Addis we have been enjoying plenty of sunshine, my thermometer usually reads around 22 degrees which is perfect!!

This time of year brings a few weeks of 'small' rains, just short periods of rain often later in the day, opposed to the proper rainy season when it can rain for hours.

Last night we had a spectacular storm, we had water all around our bedroom floor as there was so much on the balcony it came under the door, Tom was huddled on the sofa with me waiting for the power to go off, which it frequently does, but actually didn't this time.

 There were leaves everywhere this morning...
...and piles of HAIL!!! That the kids were throwing at each other...I guess the closest thing you'll get to a snowball fight in Africa!!

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