Friday, 19 July 2013

Negash Lodge by Tom

Negash Lodge was quite fun, the stuff is below.

                                                                1. Negash Lodge!
Negash was so fun, a pool, Monkeys, lovely and some games like pool with a restaurant. Lily woke Mum up a lot. We lived in a hut for about 3-days! We went on 2 Monkey hunts! We also went to the crater.

      2. Animals!
There were Chipmunks and Monkeys! We even FED them! Although we weren't allowed!!!!!

 There were lots of monkeys

                                                                   3. Horse-riding!
We did it! We raced to the crater and back! Here are the scores, there, 1st Dad 2nd Tom 3rd Josh 4th Mum. Back, 1st Tom 2nd Josh 3rd Mum 4th Dad. Total, 1st Tom 2nd Dad 3rd Josh 4th Mum.

(pictures will come in another blog)

                                                                       4. Meals
3.A. Breakfast. I always had Chocolate pancakes. Sometimes with pink caramel
3.B. Lunch. At Lunch we had Lunch. We had cinnamon rolls and chocolate.
3.C. Dinner. I had a burger, taglietelle and then some more.

 Some of us swam, and some of us watched the swimming

                  The End By Tom Farrell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

that all sounds fun!! i enjoyed reading about it and seeing the pictures.let me guess what your favourite bit was....i think when you won the race? or the chocolate pancakes sound nice!

love nanny xx