Monday, 22 July 2013

some pics from our house church

 House church is a bunch of families, couples and singles getting together to do 'church'. We meet in people's homes and take it in turns to lead different things. This picture was taken the week the African Union was in session here in Addis and we brainstormed different things (on the pieces of paper around the floor) things we knew about each African country and spend some time praying for each one. Being a widely travelled group, and having lived in a few of the countries ourselves this was quite a fun task to reflect on the issues around Africa.
 Each week we start with coffee and cake (highly recommended as a way to start any church) and have time to chat to each other (no photos of this though as we are usually too busy making sure our boys don't eat so much cake that they can't fit lunch in). 

Every few weeks we have a pot luck - the one above is our Indian potluck...
 ...and this was our mexican pot luck...soooo good!!
We are enjoying getting to know our house church friends better and to be able to learn with them as we study the bible together each week.

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