Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Born Free - Ensessakottah

 Ensessakotteh (means Animal foot print in Amharic) is a Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Education Centre about 30km outside Addis run by the Born Free Association. We took Sarah's Uncle Mark while he was visiting out for a change of scenery:

From their web-site

Ensessakotteh is not a zoo.  It only houses wild animals in need, be they orphaned or confiscated from illegal trade or ownership.  Each animal that enters the Centre is carefully assessed to see whether full rehabilitation and release back to the wild is feasible.  Those that cannot be released are provided with care for life at the Centre.

 It was a little muddy!
 There were a few lions, cheetahs, these wild cats, some monkeys and lots of trees and fresh air :-)
 Our guide took us all around the nature reserve side on the search for elusive warthogs and deer - it was quite an adventure at times with the grass being up to Josh's waist.
From the website:
Ensessakotteh also offers an escape, a peaceful haven for visitors who can enjoy the beautiful surroundings that still retain much of the naturally occurring wild fauna and flora.  Part of their experience will be to learn about the rescued animals and their individual stories.  Visitors will be encouraged, via education programmes, to appreciate how each of us has a role to play in protecting the natural eco-systems we all depend on.

It certainly was a nice change of scenery from the city- we'll certainly be back again - next time when it is sunny and we can picnic!! 

For more on Born Free Ethiopia click here

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