Tuesday, 27 August 2013

following on from the water blog...

Apparently our current water problems are due to regular maintenance of the city water tanks. The water did return about 8pm last night again so we did have a crazy couple of hours of showering, laundry, dishes and filling our emergency water barrel outside the door (that we flush the toilet with when there is no water).

Our friend Danielle has written a blog post about what has been called the trinity of missionary happiness here - it may give you a little more insight into living in Ethiopia with the frequent power, water and internet challenges :-)


Today there is no power...but I am prepared for the water being out - I have bowls in the kitchen of tap water ready to boil to wash up and buckets in the bathroom ready to flush the toilet, so typically of course the water is running right now!

I remembered another of Captain Tim's little rhymes last night too (totally miss him and his lovely family)- of significance when there is no water 'if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down'. Haha, you've got to love living in Africa. My boys have taken this one on board - except they can't flush the toilet with a bucket - so guess who gets called whenever a bucket flush is necessary??

[update - actually there is some power hence why I have internet - just not in most of my apartment...time to investigate....]

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