Wednesday, 6 November 2013

House cross country races

 KG-Grade 2 boys starting off

 Josh is the yellow and red boy running down the track behind the new high school building
 Grade 3 and 4 boys starting off
 Tom in yellow and white running past our apartment
 Tom and Josh with their medals
 Tom came third, well done to Caleb (1st) and Jonah (2nd)
Josh came 2nd in his race, well done to Evan (1st) and Patrick (3rd). He fell over at the start too so we were really proud of him to get back up and catch up the other boys!
Well done boys - we are proud of you for doing your best and running so well and for your great attitudes towards others!

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Anonymous said...

wow you are amazing boys!! it must have been so exciting to be there.well done both of nanny xx