Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas festivity

Living in Africa there are not the same signals that indicate Christmas is coming that we grew up with in the UK. Firstly it is warm, which I am not complaining about at all. I love it, but being the same temperature for most of the year doesn't help realise which month we are in and how close we actually are to Christmas. Secondly, you can not see Christmassy things around - anywhere. There are no crowds to battle through to find presents as there are few presents to be found here! There are no decorations to see through windows as you pass homes or stores driving down the street.

  I must admit I miss the ship at this time of year - all the different activities that people organised, especially all heading down to the dining room to bake cookies together. We have managed to make some Christmas cookies though which was fun to do with the boys.
We have decorated our windows with the decorations that we have (in the absense of a tree to hang them on!).

Despite this advent season being different to what we would be experiencing if we were in the UK we are really enjoying it (except the crazy work load of late). We have had some wonderful Christmas gatherings with friends - and more to come this weekend. And we have been working through the Jesse Tree devotionals with our boys which has been a real blessing and joy - I'll have to write more about that sometime as we'd really recommend it!

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