Thursday, 19 December 2013

Our little monkey

 I realised when finding some photos on my camera that I have quite a few of Lily, who seems to be able to empty out anything in a split second while your back is turned.
This is the 'I have just been caught look'

 followed by the 'I am so happy with myself for getting all these recipes out before I got caught' look
 Then the 'maybe if I smile and look cute she won't notice that there are baby wipes all around the floor' look
If you look at the blue box in the cupboard opposite where Lily is - that is her tea cup set. I sat her next to it so that she might dump all that on the floor out of the cupboard instead of all my kitchen things, but while my back was turned she decided that she would open and empty the other cupboard. Cake tins are so much more fun than plastic tea cups, apparently.

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