Thursday, 13 August 2009

the dens in our cabin..

I always thought dens were places children formed from chairs and sheets and things to play in so that is the type I mean here! I have been enlightened that to other people 'den' means a room and according to the wikipedia definitions it is part of a house similar to a bedroom, but maybe what we have is a 'children's den' - minus the part about them being in bushes or up trees.

So how do you form dens in a small space? All you need is a large sheet and a few big magnets to attach the sheet to the ceiling and suddenly the small spaces and beds take on a whole new level of play value!

Since we got some big magnets last week we have been having a lot of fun, today we were given a tent which is currently in the corner of our cabin as Joshua's latest den. At least until Tom comes home from school and they have to share it. Fortunately they are at those great ages where imaginative play is where it is all at and great games can be had from sheets and magnets, as long as there is a fire engine still within sight anyway :-)

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