Thursday, 27 August 2009

filthy children and holey shoes...

Some observations...

1. Deck 8 is covered in something black from the funnel
2. Children all end up looking like deck 8 after spending any time there
3. Deck 8 has to be scrubbed off the children upon re-entering the cabin - none of this washing off like normal mud, proper scrubbing like you would your saucepans
4. Deck 8 has to be washed off the 'bath' (we now have a baby bath with a plug that can sit in the shower, and all the water drains out and leaves a nice little pile of deck 8 behind)
5. Deck 8 has to be scrubbed off the toilet every night if No. 3 was not done quickly enough to remove the deck 8 from the recently potty trained Joshua who somehow manages to transfer it all over the seat
6. Deck 8 not only turns shoes black but it is almost inevitable that shoes acquire holes from wiggle-car-ing around the filthy deck!

Example of shoes....
7. Deck 8 is lots of fun, is a good place to chat and has some lovely sun-sets - so what's a little grubbiness between friends?

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