Friday, 14 August 2009

the reason we don't take many photos..

This morning I was folding my washing and putting it into piles in the laundry room when some people came by on a tour of the ship. Wearing yesterdays clothes, having spent the previous two hours cleaning the cabin of a family that left yesterday, I was putting my underwear on the pile when someone decided this would be a good photo opportunity. I disagreed. This was me going about my everyday life, looking a mess. I don't mind the tours, I don't really mind people taking photos but this is why we don't take many photos of life here, because it is just that - it is people's lives. It may be a novelty to us the way people live here, we may be shocked at some of the things we see and want to capture that on camera or share it with people back home, we may think the children are cute, but I am not prepared to take my camera and invade their privacy every time I go out.

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