Wednesday, 12 May 2010

it's International Nurses Day again!!

The nurses have been wearing some slightly unusual hats, Florence Nightingale Style and we get to have pizza for dinner in celebration of International Nurses Day 2010!! Our nurses are working very hard at the moment, it is a busy time in the outreach and some of the patients have been quite poorly of late. Please think of them today!

Josh has been to the British School of Lome for the morning, when asked what he did there the first thing we heard was that he ate two pieces of cake! It was great for the little ones to be able to go there on an outing, they got picked up by the school bus and joined the little kids there for some bouncy castle fun, craft work and spaghetti (and the all important cake!!) lunch. Sounds nice! We have hosted the teachers from the school here and now some of the children from there are coming a few at a time to see the ship and play here with our kids. The bigger kids from here are going there for Sports Day (coming up soon) as they are very blessed with plenty of space that they will share with us :-)

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