Friday, 28 May 2010

VVF update

So we are still in our first week of surgery, but things are going really well. So far the women are dry, quite content and just starting to get a bit more active. Yesterday we started doing some crafts with them, we started with a craft that had worked well in the past, printing out their names in a pretty font with flowers and butterflies for them to colour in. Some of them took a little persuading as they had not had the opportunity to hold a pen before and kept saying they didn't know how to write, but almost all of them gave it a go in the end and appeared to be enjoying it. Then when they were done we stuck them by their beds to brighten up the ward a little.

Some of the women may be leaving in just a few days, now dry. Before they go we celebrate with them in a ceremony that they can now start a new life without the stigma associated with leaking urine all the time. We went out yesterday to buy some fabric to get the tailor started making a new outfit for each woman that will be a gift for them and we bought beads for them to be able to make a necklace to wear. We got the first three ladies making their necklaces this morning and they look great, the pictures below are examples we made up to show them, we try and avoid taking pictures on the ward as much as possible so you will have to imagine them sitting there with the beads on their nighties stringing them up!

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