Saturday, 5 June 2010

the big day

After starting his birthday with us, Tom then went to school and the whole school sang to him. He managed to fit in building his new playmobil in his lunch break then came home from school to play lego star wars on the wii. We went to the dining room for dinner - Tom had requested hamburgers and chips which the galley do really well. We did hear that when they went to the freezer to get some fries in the afternoon they couldn't find any so then they all got peeling and chopping potatoes at top speed- so a big thanks to them, that must have been a lot of work at short notice but made for a great birthday dinner! Josh helped Tommy ring the bell and then everyone in the dining room sang to Tom, who just kept on eating, a little embarrassed that everyone was looking at him! We then had a few friends over for cakes, put the boys to bed and started on the cake for the party today (which was very fun - Thanks Miriam and Steph!!).

Tom outside our cabin door - we had a special parcel with playmobil knight balloons arrive a few weeks back ready for Toms birthday!
This is dinosaur island in a number 6 cake. Complete with volcano, dinosaur drowning in mud, lake, nest, beach and dinosaur being eaten for dinner (well it is a boys cake!!)

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Anonymous said...

wow it all looks really fun. i love the cake. what a good day it sounds. love nanny x