Saturday, 5 June 2010

Toms guide to having a party...

1. Invite some friends. I invited my class - Andre, Daniel, Libby and Megan.
2. Start with some games. We started with one where we made funny faces if we were holding the dinosaur when the music stopped, everyone was very funny.
3. Eat! We ate dinosaur sandwiches, pizza, cheese straws, hula hoops and fruit, then dinosaur shortbread shapes, rice crispie cakes and chocolate biscuits. (Everyone should have a dinosaur sandwich cutter, it would transform your boring lunch, honestly :-)
4. Play some games with balloons. We raced with them between our legs, we raced with them on our tummies with a partner and played games keeping them in the air.
5. Watch a film and eat popcorn. We watched Ice Age 3 as it had dinosaurs in it.
6. Eat cake and open presents. I liked my dinosaur island cake and all my presents :-)
7. Play some more games. We played musical statues and musical bumps, sleeping lions and did the chicken dance. We played baby dinosaur, baby dinosaur, t-rex too which is like duck, duck, goose.
I had fun at my party. Mummy and Daddy are glad it is over, they say they live in wonder at Miss Estelle, our Kindergarten teacher, I'm not sure what they mean ;-)

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