Saturday, 24 July 2010

the end

Since we got back from Chicago things have been a little non stop and Tommy has left to return to the Ship today. He starts the teacher training week on Monday and then we all follow on Tuesday. We have spent a couple of lovely days with friends and our Church in Cambridge, had a flying visit down South, took the boys to Legoland thanks to Tesco vouchers, made a lot of food ready for the Wedding party, barndanced the night away and somehow fitted in the odd job and shopping trip. There is that feeling that we haven't had long enough again, feeling like we have seen friends but all too briefly.. Having said that it has been fantastic - thank you to everyone that has wanted to meet up, fed us, housed us and given us a fantastic break. We have really enjoyed catching up with you! We are off to the Fire Station Open day and park today, trying to fit in some fun things for the boys after them being neglected a little while we got ready for the wedding party. Then to packing and spending our last couple of days with family, if we can face packing one more time.
Once we get back to the Ship we have 3 weeks until we sail to South Africa for dry dock. We'll try and blog some more once we get settled back in our cabin.

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