Thursday, 15 July 2010

Mr and Mrs Slennett

10th July 2010. The Wedding of the Year in Pictures 
(admittedly mostly not taken by me, but by our friend and photographer PJ)

Introducing 'titch' AKA 'the monkey' AKA as Sarah's little brother Sam looking pretty happy about making us all walk through mud for pre-wedding photos, or probably because this was only an hour or so before he married the girl of his dreams
 The boys and men before, not seen PJ's one yet of this shot
The big moment
 The whole wedding party (snapped by me hence the bad light, but you get the idea)
The Groomsmen with Amy and Sam
 and with their Bridesmaids
All these Mercy Ships friends came from around the world to be there
 So here they are, Uncle Sam and the new Auntie Amy :-)
Congratulations! We love you!

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