Sunday, 4 July 2010

Happy 4th July!

It is kind of funny that Josh has spent more 4th of July's in the USA than in the UK (two here, one there and one in Benin!). Anyway, happy July 4th to our American friends from all of us in Chicago!

It is fun here, we haven't been into the city yet but the suberbs are lovely, we are making use of the sunshine before the weather changes. So what is it like? We feel like we have just walked onto a TV set or something as all the houses here have their flags hanging outside, the basketball net on the drive, Dad throwing an American football to the son in the front garden, mailboxes at the end of the garden etc, it is just like what you see on a movie.

We even saw some patriotic plants yesterday (not that they are unusual, patriotic plants are obviously bred here):

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