Monday, 17 January 2011


Summer decided to finally arrive, along with Sarah and Sam's parents and sister Amy. So did a much needed break away not that far away from the college campus really, but far enough to be away from the non flushing toilets, unreliable water supply and being woken in the morning by the communal corridor chorus. We headed up to St Lucia Wetlands and then stopped at the coast on the way back. So over the next few days we'll try and give you a glimpse of what we have been up to and some of the random photos that were taken. There were plenty of bugs, flowers, butterflies and the like to keep certain ones of us happy. Following our slightly untraditional Christmas here we had a British Christmas dinner together as a family, sitting outside in the sun-shine with our paper hats on. We BBQ'd, flew kites, strolled around many nature reserves, watched the sunset on the beach and had a couple of special days out as our Christmas presents to each other. One was a game drive, the other a boat ride on the river amongst the hippos and crocodiles! Today Tommy is back at work, school starts on Wednesday so life is sort of getting back to normal. Sadly we are not back on the Ship yet, but watch this space, hopefully just a few more weeks (we hope, I can't tell you how much!).

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