Thursday, 20 January 2011


We're back at the college campus for those of you who thought we would be back on the ship by now and have a new 'issue' - mould. Yesterday we had to scrub the boys school bags before they went back to school. We have had to scrub our suitcases and bags before we can pack things in them as they are all mouldy. I think the pushchair will have to be thrown away, fortunately Josh is too big for it now anyway, but it still seems a waste that we can't pass it on to someone else. So far today I have mouldy shoes, shin pads, school caps and I haven't even dared look in our wardrobes yet for fear of what I might find and how long it might take me to sort out. This morning I am scrubbing a box of wooden train track to try and make it safe for the pre-school to use, they want to play with it as their toys have all gone back to the ship along with the rest of the schools supplies. Sounds like a fun morning.

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