Monday, 17 January 2011

i don't like boats but...

...the opportunity to go on one to get up close and personal with hippos and crocodiles was too good to miss. We went up the St Lucia estuary on a small tour boat, watching hippos wallowing near the shores, mum and baby hippos walking down the banks and splashing into the water, birds making their homes in the reeds and finally a couple of crocs swimming by.
 The first hippo sighting was of a few hippos submerged in the water, then from no-where these ones appeared and plopped down into the water to join them.
 Further down the river there was a bunch of maybe 20 hippos just hanging around doing pretty much nothing, then a bunch more strolled down just as we were watching.
 There is something cute about baby animals, even fat ugly hippo baby animals!
 Yep, we were really there, watching them swim about.
 We got to hold a hippos tooth, which coupled with the knowledge that they can be incredibly dangerous made us grateful for the boat around us!


Unknown said...

hooray you are back - missed you. Pics look amazing! Love Helen xxx

Unknown said...

Lovely foto, best regard from Belgium

Louisette said...

happy days in familie, greeting from Belgium