Friday, 25 March 2011

screening again

Tomorrow is the repeat patient screening day that so many have been waiting for -many people from around the country have stayed in Freetown since the last screening because it would cost too much to travel a second time. There have been people returning regularly to the stadium in the hope that we would be there again, and people outside the dock every day hoping someone will help. We hope the right people will come tomorrow and get the slip of paper to come back and have surgery. Please pray for a successful and calm day. Please pray that people will have heard which problems we can and can not help. Even this week I still met a lot of people on the streets who asked me about screening and when questioned about their health problems reported general back pain or heart problems and things we can't help or just wanted medication for something. Tommy left at 2pm today (after finishing work at 1.59pm), along with Sam and some other crew to set up the lines before it gets busy with people arriving. It might be a long night for them, but we hope that an early coordination of the lines of people, helped by local police will mean a calm night for the desperate people waiting.We'll write more soon.

On another note here is an article about the ship:

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