Monday, 21 March 2011

you should read this blog

I will be working at the Aberdeen Women's Centre this year alongside a fantastic midwife called Kate and by the sounds of it a really great team - a couple of other international midwives and 10 or so local midwives. They started a birthing centre at the fistula hospital last year which they really want to become a centre of excellence in the area. Since they started they have had over 700 births and not a single maternal death - and yes, by the average numbers in Sierra Leone they should have had a fair few by now. If you read the blog it does sound like an incredibly challenging place to work yet in a different league in terms of care to some of the other units locally, they have up to date policies and protocols in place and are actively striving to be practicing the best possible care within the limitations they have. I'll keep you posted once I have started there, but until then it is really worth reading stories from Kate:

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