Monday, 7 March 2011

Screening day

Today is screening day - please remember our crew today as they see the many people who will come in the hope they will be scheduled for surgery in the coming weeks and months. The screening is at the stadium in Freetown a little distance away from the ship.  Tommy was assigned to the security team and so was *lucky* enough to be up before 3.30am to arrive first to facilitate some kind of queueing. The high school students and almost all the teachers have the opportunity to go again to help with entertaining the children with bubbles, balloons, balls and colouring. The little ones are in school on board as usual, I am helping with pre-school today as their teacher is at screening so it should be a fun day. We'll let you know what happened at screening soon, but be praying for the crew today, they will need much endurance for the long day and the intense heat and wisdom to know who to schedule for surgery. Thanks.

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Unknown said...

Sarah - sorry to hear that news. Very very sad. Much be a shock to everyone on the ship. Thinking of you and praying for you. Had every intention to ring you this week, but Ben not well and think I am coming down with it now...will ring when better!! Love you. Love Helen xx