Monday, 10 October 2011

a day at home

Today was a teacher training day, so the boys were home which was nice after a busy weekend. It's not been quite as productive as a Monday might otherwise have been but probably more fun. For our second breakfast we headed to the cafe for crepes. For our birthdays all crew get given a $2 voucher to spend at the cafe or shop, so with mine we bought 3 crepes and a kitkat for Tommy and they were making the crepes with chocolate chips in them which made the boys especially happy :-) For some reason no-one was hungry at lunchtime....

Since then the boys have played football, firstly outside on deck 7 in the rain wearing shorts and t'shirts and then they played football in the cabin wearing raincoats. Apparantly because they were pretending they are playing in Poland (got to love the imaginations). It would be too hot to wear raincoats to actually play in the rain so they do get the raincoats out to play every now and then. They played outside on deck 8 too, since the climbing frame went back up a couple of months ago, deck 8 has gradually returned to being the area where children and Mums gather after dinner.

I learnt an important lesson today - if you decide to clean the bathroom always be aware of what the resident four year old is up to. Or you might find they are helping you 'clean' (AKA drowning the kitchen with water) and it's quite hard to be cross with them for 'helping'. 

Since they went to bed Tommy and I have been brainstorming midwifery essay ideas (mostly me suggesting things and Tommy telling me they won't work). It is suprisingly difficult and restrictive to find something that is relevant to midwifery practice, influenced by culture, legislated either Internationally or Nationally, contains an element of practicing needing to change and that I am actually interested in. But we may have decided on one, we'll have to see if there is enough research out there, but any ideas welcome...

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