Thursday, 11 October 2012

cross country running

The boys have started cross country running club twice a week. The running track is currently out of action due to the new high school building that is currently being built so a 1/2 km route has been measured around the school buildings.

This is some of them setting off from the field, through the car park, around the back of the gym, down the hill past our apartment, then back up past the offices and some classrooms to the field.

The boys love running, thanks to that being one of the few things they did on the ship, but still haven't got the hang of pacing themselves to run long distances, they still think the only point of running is to win a race! Unfortunately the football team doesn't start until 5th grade, so hopefully this will keep Tom fit until then as he is counting down the days (two years to go!) already.

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Zupke Family said...

Would that be football American style or soccer football? (: Margo