Monday, 15 October 2012

Pip update

Following more than a couple of requests, here is a token photo of the bump, as of last weekend (at 24 weeks).

We went for a scan a couple of weeks ago, which was a bizarre experience, although a very positive one! One of the parents at the school arranged it for us, and even arranged it for us at a time when they wouldn't usually have a Dr at the clinic so that Tommy could come with me which was really great of them.

We went to a 'diagnostic centre', where they can do ultrasounds but also CT scans and other things. It was crazy busy with a waiting room full of people, but we were the only ones for the ultrasound, so were shown straight in. Various people came in and introduced themselves and shook our hands until the Dr was ready!

He checked the baby's growth and placental site, not all the things we would check in the UK by any means, but we were quite happy with knowing that much as we hadn't really planned on getting a scan at all until our Dr here wanted us to. We asked the scan Dr whether it was possible to have scan pictures, which he assured us it was. It was only later that we realised we have pictures of Pip's leg measurement, head measurement, heart pattern and the placenta, and not actually any of Pip in any usual scan like photo!

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