Monday, 27 May 2013

Africa Mercy update

We love the contact we have with our ship friends (and admittedly still stalk some of them via their blogs) and this year has been so encouraging hearing of the great things that have been going on.

The Africa Mercy crew are finishing up their outreach in Guinea and getting ready to sail to the Canary Islands for maintenance before venturing down the West African Coast further to reach the people of Congo.

I remember so well this time of year; the mixed feelings towards leaving one country and the excitement of going somewhere new, the blessing of time in Tenerife as a break from the intensity of West Africa, securing our cabin for sailing and having lifeboat drills and the joy and hideousness of sailing all mixed together.

Well done friends on completion of another field service, we praise God with you for all that has been done and the lives changed. Enjoy your time in Tenerife and be excited about what will be done in Congo!!

P.S. Apparently flights to Congo come through Addis Ababa so let us know if you want to stop in Ethiopia....PLEASE COME AND SEE US....or if anyone wants to pay for me to fly to Congo I'll be more than happy to come to you, but given that is not too likely you'll have to come to us ;-)

And a special congratulations to Lara, Carys and Michelle for Graduating from Mercy Ships Academy last week- we are proud of you all and are excited to hear what is in store for you...

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